17 Apr 14
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hildred replied to your post: anonymous asked:hello! hope you’r…

look at my baby look at how far she’s come

(It’s kinda scary tbh)

17 Apr 14
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hello! hope you're having a nice morning, evening or night. /)v(\ i was just wondering if you have any tips for newcomers when it comes to takarazuka? i'm a new baby and i'm so lost because there are just so many performances and actresses and i'm both excited and terrified!!! thank you for your time. u w u

☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ WELCOME! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

I’m pretty new myself (only about a year old), but it’s really taken off on me in that short time. I’d be happy to give you some tips from my experience/scare you away because I will get overexcited and go into serious tl;dr mode.

About getting into shows and actresses…

About actually watching shows…

You won’t find a thriving public file sharing culture here like you will in most other fandoms. Well… a lot of print media/photos make it to tumblr, but watching full shows online can be tough. Be prepared to support Takarazuka financially.

That said, watching shows online is not impossible. Pay attention to the takarazuka tag on here, because a lot of people host livestreams of shows they own. You have to be present at that particular time, but it’s a great way to be introduced to a variety of shows, and participating in chat and asking veteran fans questions is a great way to learn. You can also browse youtube for clips. Except for a few 20+ year old ones, I think all of the full shows on there have been taken down. There’s this (although not all links work), which admittedly is where I got my start (that and the very generous help of tumblr friends) before I began throwing all my money at my favorite ladies. It’s such a small fraction of what’s been done, and for the most part the quality sucks, but Takarazuka is very expensive. While I do think you really need to support your favorites, I also think you need some allowance to figure out who your favorites are first.

Feel free to ask me anything anytime!

15 Apr 14
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I haven’t sat down and properly watched a show in almost a month. I can’t wait for my job to end in 2 weeks.

14 Apr 14
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In this interview, Sena discusses the effect the play Beautiful Sunday had on her as an actress, her role in Kondo wa aisaika and how her married life influenced her take on this production.

I felt like she was holding back in Anything Goes so I love hearing her talk about her feelings toward that stuff, even if it’s just a little. Thanks for translating <3

14 Apr 14
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14 Apr 14
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Hello, beautiful person ❤ once you get this, you (must) share five random facts about yourself, and then pass this on to your ten favourite followers ❤

I got one of these from nihon-no-hikaru too so I guess I’ll do 10 :D

13 Apr 14
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Mizu Natsuki Interview: SHOW ~Beyond the Door~


This is from August. I did about half of it before I went to Japan and then abandoned it because it was too hard, but I got randomly inspired to try again a few weeks ago. It was still like… really hard. Thanks Mizu. On the bright side, the work I’d done already was noticeably terrible, so I feel alright about my improvement :)

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I’m too tired to translate the entry, but apparently Maachan teaches ballet to kindergarteners.

And like…

Of course she does.

12 Apr 14
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Takarazuka 100th ④ with Komu-san \(^o^)/

Finally, I was able to decorate the photo I took with Komu-san (。♥‿♥。) ♡

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11 Apr 14
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taken from Kozuki Wataru’s Memorial Book (2006)
wallpaper 1366 x 768

11 Apr 14
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Did anyone else notice that this was the dramatic conclusion to the takarazuka makeup tutorial…?

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Takarazuka 100th ③~

Maikaze Rira’s Blog 4.9.14

Today it’s musumeyaku day!

I put sparkles on the photo again ♡♡

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